Company Culture

Shandong Fast Horse Steel Co.

a spirit of rigour (attitude to career development).
It is the spirit of seriousness and strict discipline; it is the spirit of compliance with the law and pragmatism and pragmatism.

the path of learning and innovation (career development method).
It is the path of voluntary learning, good at learning to master advanced scientific and cultural knowledge; the path of independent innovation, good at innovation and innovative in carrying out work.

Striving for first-class goals (career development goals), the
It is the goal of facing the world and pursuing excellence; it is the goal of the common development of the staff and the enterprise, and becoming an excellent enterprise that is highly respected by the society.

Integrity (professional development ethics).
is honesty and trustworthiness. FMC and its employees must be loyal to the motherland, to the people, to the company and to the mission; they must keep their promises to investors, shareholders, customers and suppliers. Companies (mainly through their managers, especially leaders at all levels) must be honest with their employees, employees must be honest with the company and employees must be honest with each other.

Synergy (the basis for career development).
Synergy aims to effectively integrate corporate resources, to maximise the integration effect and to maximise overall profit and overall value.

Fast Horse culture is a culture of pragmatism, innovation, enthusiasm, honesty, synergy and value. Fast Horse people should be honest and down-to-earth, innovative and enthusiastic, honest and trustworthy, work together and move forward hand in hand.